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Backlinks As Paid Tools…For Free.”

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Compare To Paid Backlink Checkers

Free Backlink Checker:  220,180  |  Ahrefs:  128,820  |  MajesticSEO:  586,926

Free Backlink Checker:  104,276  |  Ahrefs:  71,251  |  MajesticSeo:  409,135

Free Backlink Checker: 8,368  |  Ahrefs:  7,956  |  MajesticSEO:  14,708

Free Backlink Checker: 142,057  |  Ahrefs:  18,764  |  MajesticSEO:  90,518

Free Backlink Checker: 6,953  |  Ahrefs:  4,453  |  MajesticSEO:  23,830

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I'm the big one

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Hi! My name is Jeremy Wilson. Thanks for visiting!

I am a software publisher and SEO/Marketing tool enthusiast.  Since 2003 I’ve earned my living online first as an affiliate marketer and now creating and selling software.

Backlink Miner (the premium version of the Free Backlink Checker) came about out of frustration for the lack of a low cost but very powerful backlink analysis tool for small business owners and SEO consultants (you know something other than paying $70-$300/month).

In fact, it was largely inspired by a series of articles on SearchEngineLand.com that made me think “I should build this!”

Of course, after building comes marketing and when you are an unknown there is a thin line between convincing people to take you and your product seriously and getting on your hands and knees and begging “I have something of value! please please please notice me!”

Thus the idea of Free Backlink Checker was born.

A completely free backlink tool that returns as many (and in some cases more) backlinks than some paid tools provide (seriously, if you don’t believe me check out the video and screenshots above).

If you get just a taste of how useful the free version is you’ll see how powerful it’s big brother is.  I truly believe these are two of the best tools of their kind and hope you feel the same.

When I’m not glued to the computer, I like spending time with my two kiddos Jack and Julianne. They never cease to amaze, frustrate, and inspire!